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Friday, October 13, 2023

Vocabulary in English with Marathi Meaning

Vocabulary in English with Marathi Meaning

Vocabulary in English with Marathi meaning

            Vocabulary is often regarded as the cornerstone of language proficiency and effective communication. Vocabulary represents a person's repertoire of words, encompassing not only their meanings but also their nuances, pronunciations, and contexts of usage. A rich and diverse vocabulary plays a pivotal role in enhancing one's ability to express thoughts, ideas, and emotions accurately, thereby facilitating meaningful interactions both in written and spoken communication.


1Body Parts Name
2Our Helpers
3Spices Name
4Food Names
5Dress Names
6Kitchen Utensils names
7Grains Names
8Tastes Names
9House Related Names
10Family Members Relation Name


11Fruits Name
12Colors Names
13Flowers Names
14Trees Names
15Subjects Names
16Vehicles Names
17Sports Names
18Time Related Words
19Domestic Animals Name
20Wild Animals Name


21Young ones of Animals
22Reptiles Names
23Animal Body Parts Names
24Indian Musical Instruments Names
25Birds Names
26Vegetables Names
27Administrative Words
28Cardinal Numbers
29Ordinal Numbers
30Zodiac Signs Names


31Commercial and Trading Words
32Next Update
33Next Update
34Next Update
35Next Update
36Next Update
37Next Update
38Next Update
39Next Update
40Next Update

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